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Investment Banking

Princeton Technologies International secures loans for creditworthy hospitals, laboratories and companies in emerging markets that are interested in buying capital equipment and consumables from the USA, and other international markets.

Due to an extensive network of financial institutions throughout the world, we are able to provide you with superb financing programs and solutions to support your organization's needs.

Access to Capital
As with any business structure the ability to secure capital at the appropriate time is critical success of a growing concern. PTI has developed an extensive network of equity, debt and integrated financial partners that can insure that the right capital source to finance the company’s operational and strategic objectives are, available whenever needed.

PTI also assists in identifying and facilitating opportunities for firms, by developing partnerships, joint-ventures and other strategic relationships that are valuable to the long term growth of that particular organization.

PTI secures a diverse range of funding alternatives from construction capital, expansion capital, working capital programs, to equipment finance or leasing.

PTI has a strategic relationship with a major lender for working capital programs.

Our focus is directed through international banks, commercial lending institutions, the USA Export-Import Bank, and Multi-lateral Development Banks.